Actually…I’ll Take the Warm Hostel…

As I've said before on my blog, I am a bit of a planner.  When I make commitments, I like to keep them.  That being said...there are sometimes when you just have to abandon ship...Like when you end up staying in a hut with no heating when it's -3ºC at night... A few days ago... Continue Reading →


Peanut Butter is Definitely a Meal

When you’re traveling on a budget, some things have to go…like your standards.  This is especially true in terms of food.  When I’m not wwoofing, I suddenly have to face the cold hard truth that it’s my own responsibility to make sure I get food in my stomach. Food, like many other things in this country,... Continue Reading →

Zealandia, Orokonui, and the Ecosanctuary Concept

Alright everyone, strap on your seat-belts, we're taking a detour!  As an ecologist, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to discuss a conservation strategy that (to my knowledge) is unique to New Zealand: the "predator-free" ecosanctuary.  This past week, I visited Wellington's very own ecosanctuary, Zealandia and I was just blown away! Something that I... Continue Reading →

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