Update and New Blog!

Hi all! I just wanted to give a quick update on my blogging life.  As you may have noticed from my "Mean Green Travel Machine" posts, I am extremely fascinated with the topic of sustainable living.  Since I'm now back home recovering from the physical and mental exhaustion that can come from country hopping, I've... Continue Reading →


Mean Green Travel Machine Ep. 2: Plastic Travels

I like to consider my lifestyle to be a rather sustainable one.  Yes, I get weird looks when I’m smearing coconut oil and arrowroot powder under my arms instead of using regular deodorant, but to me it’s worth it to save some plastic.  However, it seems like since I started traveling this year, my plastic-free... Continue Reading →

A Reality Check and a Homecoming

So...hello...again.  I'm sure anyone actually following this blog has noticed that I haven't exactly been keeping to my goal of posting an update every week.  The radio silence has occurred for a number of reasons, some of which I will go into detail about, some of which are for me to ponder.  So if you're... Continue Reading →

Well, I Can Laugh About it Now

She lives!!!!  Apologies for the radio silence over the past month or so, and thank you if you're still sticking around to read this!  My life has been going through some drastic changes these past few weeks for reasons I will discuss in a future post.  I'm in one piece, so no one panic (didn't... Continue Reading →

When Life Hands You a Food Truck

This past week, I arrived back in Taupo after a 3 week whirlwind tour with my wonderful parents.  And of course the second I arrived, threw my backpack down, and got a good night's sleep, I began to wonder, "Okay...what now?" The plan at the moment was to get a job in Taupo, spend the... Continue Reading →

The Single Woman’s Guide

I love traveling solo.  Let me repeat that for the people in the back.  I LOVE traveling solo.  It gives me the freedom and flexibility to be the indecisive, awkward turtle-duck that I am (extra points if you get that reference).  I can just pick up and go without consulting another human about making a... Continue Reading →

You’re Gonna Carry That Weight

“What the heck do you pack for a year?” Before I left home, this was one of the most common questions I was asked.  When you’re settled down in your own space, it can be difficult to picture how you would fit everything into a backpack.  So what do you really need?  Honestly?  The same... Continue Reading →

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